Whip A Snap

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**If you are an NFL coach, QB, or equipment manager interested in the WhipaSnap, please contact us directly at whipasnap@gmail.com

The very first electro-mechanical ball snapping machine (with practical use in other sports that use a ball as well) that is just "Load and Walk away".  This machine is going to change the way teams practice, athletes self-train, and the way 7 v 7 tournaments are run.

Football Coaches will never be stuck flipping a ball to the QB, when they should be doing what they were hired to do--COACH.

We are not a large manufacturing corporation and we keep a very limited inventory in order to maintain high standards of quality control. . Each unit is hand assembled and is shipped FULLY ASSEMBLED. They are all tested to ensure proper function and we work closely with customers to ensure the WhipaSnap works according to the needs of the customer (coaches, players, athletes, parents). This is the first product of its kind developed by a former college and semi-pro Quarterback and football coach that offers effective training at an affordable price point. NFL QBs are training with it. Power 5 college football players and former Heisman trophy winners and National Championship QBs are training with it. Private football trainers are working with it.   It is novel in every way and you will be one of the first to use it before it takes the country by storm.