Instructions for Use

THE WHIP A SNAP Safety and Operation Instructions


This patented product is intended to be used to launch balls of various sizes for sports training purposes only.

Use of this product for anything other than the intended purpose can result in serious injury.  

By buying this product the consumer assumes all risk and liability for injury.

Parental supervision is highly recommended for use of this product by children. 

Read instructions fully before operation.

This product is not a toy.

*Go to whipasnap youtube channel for further detailed instructions on proper use and maintenance.

This is an electro-mechanical machine that employs the use of a 12v battery, a wireless receiver, rubber tension bands, and a remote to release tension and launch a ball.


  • Do not store under extreme temperatures (hot or cold). This will affect the battery life and tension of the bands. Furthermore, it should not be stored outdoors. 
  • If this machine is stored for any extended period of time (more than a day or two) it is best practice to remove the wire connection to the battery. Re-connect the wires to the proper polarity (+/-) when ready to use again.
  • Do not store this machine while the rubber bands are latched in a launch-ready position and under tension.
  • Do not press the remote button for more than one second at a time per launch. This can damage the release mechanism and the battery life of the remote.
  • This product should not be operated in rain or severe weather. Allowing the battery, remote, or receiver (see photos) to get wet can result in adverse effect on the operation of the machine.
  • Do not stand or lean anywhere on this machine.
  • Do not throw any sports balls at this machine.
  • Do not touch the latching/release mechanisms for any reason whatsoever when loading, while ball cradle is latched and bands are under tension, or when launching the ball
  • Disconnect the battery AND place the remote control aside in a secure place out of any person’s control (not in pocket clothing as it can still be pressed) when making adjustments to, or engaging in any parts replacement/repair work on the product. This is to ensure that the remote button cannot be accidentally pressed.
  • Do not push or pull on the ball or the ball cradle while it is latched and full tension is on the bands. This can cause the accidental release of the tension on the bands and can result in injury and/or parts breaking. 
  • Do not trigger a release of band tension when a ball is not seated in the cradle.
  • When ready to launch, user should always be aware of who is near the machine and is in the launch path of a ball. Smaller balls are launched at higher velocities. 

Proper loading and launch procedure of the Whip A Snap. 

  1. Ensure that the remote is not in the user’s hands
  2. Confirm the ball cradle and the bands are not in a latched launch position.
  3. Adjust the panels to the desired launch angle by placing the plastic knobs through the adjustment L bracket (see photo) in the proper hole on the side panels and tighten the wing nut. Be sure that the knobs are in the same holes on both sides.   (Ex. Both in the 3rd hole or both in the 6th hole)
  4. Place the ball (football, basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, etc.) on the rails in front of the ball cradle.
  5. Walk behind the machine and place foot in the middle (red) on the loading pedal.
  6. Place hands on the hand rail for leverage and push the pedal down with the foot. To prevent tipping, keep pressure on the hand rail while loading.
  7. Push the pedal until you see and hear that the latch has captured the tube on the back of the ball cradle. Take foot off the pedal and it will return to its resting position automatically. Important: Pushing the pedal past the point the ball cradle has been latched can result in the machine tipping.  Too much pressure can break the springs attached to the pedal. 
  8. Walk to the front of the machine and stand at the distance where you will receive the ball. Note: For a full sized regulation football stand approximately 4-5yds away from the machine.  For a youth sized football the distance may slightly increase. 
  9. Ensure that nobody other than the user is near or is approaching the machine in the path of the launch when the tension is released.
  10. With the remote in one hand, point it at the receiver and press the button to launch the ball. A coach or a teammate can also hold the remote and launch it instead of the ball receiver if preferred.  If, for example, a Quarterback is using it for self-training alone then the retractable cord attached to clothing allows the QB to launch and release so as to keep the hands free to catch the ball.