What Is The Whip A Snap?

A New Machine for a New Era!

The very first purely mechanical ball snapping machine (with practical use in other sports that use a ball as well) that is just "Load and Walk away".  This machine is going to change the way teams practice, athletes self-train, and the way 7 v 7 tournaments are run.

Football Coaches will never be stuck flipping a ball to the QB, when they should be doing what they were hired to do--COACH.

The Whip A Snap Will Change How you Train!

"The Whip a Snap has revolutionized my offense."

"I am the Offensive Coordinator at Katy Jordan High School in Katy ISD. Our school district and school are one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, so our participation in all sports increases every year. After a winter practice with my 7 QB's, I contemplated a way to make our practices more efficient. We needed an increase in the quality of reps and an increase in the number of reps for all of my QB's. I needed all my coaches' eyes available and all of my offensive skill players ready to get the next rep. We were throwing routes on air with 60+ athletes with 5 QB's going at a time and 5 fake centers that were in the way tossing the ball to the QB's. I was tired of wasting personnel on snapping the ball to the QB's. Several times in the past the same issue would come up, so I would go without a snap....that affected the timing of the entire offensive and was not a realistic way to practice. Finally, after an online search, I discovered what I was looking for, the "WHIP-A-SNAP". The whip a snap has revolutionized my offense. Every rep is quality, and every coach is coaching. I will not coach another practice for the remainder of my coaching career without a whip a snap available. My QB's timing and eyes are always in the right place because every rep is just like there is an actual center. Any OC without a whip a snap is going to fall behind as modern offenses continue to evolve."

That's an awesome machine you made!

When will I be able to place an order?


I'm a QB coach for a Varsity team here in Fresno, CA

I came across your product and instantly knew I needed one!


I've been looking for something like this!

You're going to change the game with this new machine!